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Dauphin County Anglers volunteer in the trout nursery at Clarks Creek in Dauphin, Pennsylvania
Trout Nursery photo of volunteer with the Dauphin county anglers and conservationists at Clarks Creek in Dauphin, Pennsylvania

Dauphin County Anglers & Conservationists the nonprofit organization in charge of the E.J. Stackpole Memorial Nursery located on the beautiful Clarks Creek in Dauphin, Pennsylvania.

The stream at and around the nursery is a special regulation area. It is open to all children 15 and under and people with major disabilities. Around the clubhouse area, we have many areas that are accessible to people with disabilities.

At the nursery, we feed, raise, and care for approximately 8,000 trout per year. We are 1 of the 159 cooperative nurseries that helps raise and stock trout in Pennsylvania waters. We only receive the fingerling (baby) trout from the state at no cost to us. We are then responsible to supply the feed and raise the trout with our own funds and volunteer time.

Clarks Creek in Dauphin, Pennsylvania
DCAC Volunteer in Clarks Creek in Dauphin, Pennsylvania with a bunch of trout in a wooden box
Dauphin County Anglers and Conservationists with their truck and trailer during a trout delivery
Wood Planks from the EJ Stackpole Memorial Nursery.jpg
DCAC Members with their daughter holding up trout they just caught from the Clarks Creek in Dauphin, Pennsylvania

Beyond raising the trout and caring for the grounds, we also host great events throughout the year.

We are able to do what we do with membership, sponsorship, and donor support. 

Please consider joining us in our mission.

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